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Junior College uses the D6 School Communicator to communicate with parents. We will be sending news, calendar events, newsletters, pictures, forms etc. through this channel. This is used as an additional form of communication with all our parents. You can also download the link on http://www.school-communicator.com/ . Go to the downloads page and simply select Junior College (find the campus you want to link with)

D6 Communicator

The School Communicator is safe and secure and is used daily by more than ¼ million people worldwide.


Junior Colleges shared Share Video's video. ...

Baby with dad

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Junior Colleges shared VT's The reason why parents get nothing done. ...

Every parent can relate to this 😂

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Logan Masters from Junior College Preschool Snuggles showing off his marshmallow construction.
#JuniorCollegePreschools #KidsTakeOverTheKitchenDay

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